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In these contraceptives in one package, the doses of hormones are changed three times, depending on the change in the periods of the monthly cycle. Tri-Regol (the cost of Tri-Regol is from 250 pills). Triziston (the cost of Triziston is from 500 pills). Tri-merci (the cost of a Tri-merci - from 700 pills). Klayra (from 1000 pills).

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The principle of action of COCs is based on blocking ovulation, which occurs due to inhibition of the production of FSH and LH in the pituitary gland. There is also a blockage of ovarian function, a local obstruction of ovulation is noted. Also, oral contraception of this type provides the so-called "glandular regression" in the structure of the uterine mucosa. As a result, implantation of a fertilized egg becomes impossible.

The mucus of the cervical canal also changes: it becomesIt is thicker, and therefore the sperm cannot move deeper into the uterus. Therefore, good contraceptives, inexpensive but effective, can prevent unwanted pregnancies.

For those who are interested in oral contraceptives - what they are, it should be noted that the OK list is divided into three groups depending on the quantitative content of active substances: The mini-pili contains only progestogen.


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These are gestagenic drugs that act on the peripheral parts of the reproductive system, exerting a local effect. They affect the amount of cervical mucus and prednisone. The volume of mucus decreases in the middle of the monthly cycle, however, at any phase of the cycle, the viscosity of the mucus remains high, and this prevents the movement of sperm.

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When taking mini-pili, a number of changes occur in the biochemical and morphological structures of the endometrium, and as a result, the conditions for implantation worsen. About prednisone of those taking these drugs have ovulation blocked.

Desogestrel - drugs Lactinet, Charosetta (Charosetta cost - from 800 pills, Lactinet - from 600 pills). Linestrenol - preparations Orgametril, Microlut, Exluton (the cost of prednisone - from 1200 pills, Exluton - from 1300 pills, Microlut - from 400 pills).

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How to choose birth control pills, it is better not to figure it out on your own. Ideally, a specialist should tell the woman in detail how to choose the right contraceptives.


After all, those who seek to choose contraceptives without a doctor, using the advice of a friend or the recommendation of a pharmacist, risk getting not only protection from unwanted pregnancy, but also a number of prednisone.

No table or other information about what contraceptives are and how to drink contraceptives should not be a guide to action.

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The gynecologist always takes into account what diseases the patient has suffered, is interested in family history, takes into account all individual characteristics. Further, the specialist conducts an examination, during which he assesses the condition of the skin, measures weight, blood pressure, and palpates the mammary glands. It is also important to conduct laboratory tests to determine the blood sugar, liver enzymes, hormones. It is equally important to conduct an ultrasound of the pelvic organs and mammary glands, and, if necessary, do a mammogram. The specialist conducts a gynecological examination.

Before deciding which birth control pill to choose, a woman is advised to visit an ophthalmologist, since even the best birth control pills, when taken for a long time, increase the risk of developing glaucoma and other eye diseases.

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They have no signs of PMS, menstruation lasts 5 days, the cycle is normal.

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Milvane, Logest, Lindinet, Femoden - ethinyl estradiol and gestodene; Mikroginon, Trikvilar, Tri-Regol, Triziston, Rigevidon - ethinylestradiol and levonorgestrel. These are women with a feminine appearance, medium height, small breasts, normal skin and hair.

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For such patients, doctors, as a rule, recommend taking high-dose and medium-sized COCs

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These are women whose height is short to medium, hair and skin are mostly dry. In appearance, such ladies are feminine. With menstruation, severe blood loss is noted, the cycle lasts longer than 4 weeks, menstruation is long.

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Thus, the doctor determines which oral contraceptives are better taking into account the following features: the appearance of the mammary glands; height; pubic hair; condition of the skin and hair; features of the menstrual cycle; chronic diseases. What are the phenotypes? Currently, three types of female phenotypes are being defined.

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